Armor Carriers


Our Armor Carriers are custom designed to fit you and your body armor and also accommodate strike plates and additional armor panels. These carriers offer a clean and uniform appearance, allowing equipment to be efficiently organized and easily accessed.

The Cordura nylon vest body features lightly padded adjustable shoulders and an antimicrobial 3D spacer mesh lining to allow the armor to air out between shifts. Carriers have an inside sleeve that will accommodate the standard sized trauma plates in the front and back of the vest. The side closure is adjustable, and our buckled fight strap provides added security.

Each vest is custom made to your specifications, size, pocket configuration, color, and identification. Click here to download the design template.

The base price of $427.50 covers the vest system and up to 8 pockets of your choice. Additional pockets are $17.50 each. Our goal has always been to keep our pricing straightforward and without hidden costs. Once you submit a design we will be happy to email a quote.

  • External Carrier with 1 to 8 Pockets: $427.50
  • Additional pockets: $17.50 each
  • Rear Identification Placard: $12.50
  • Front Identification placard: $9.50
  • Name Tape: $7.50
  • Faux Buttons: $19.50
  • Drag Strap: $9.50
  • Rifle Plate Insert: $47.50

Pockets include: Small Utility, Small Flashlight, Handcuff, Baton, Pepper Spray, Pistol Magazines, X26 Taser, Radio, Handcuff


Pockets include: Two Small Utilities, Baton, Pepper Spray, Small Flashlight, Double Handcuff, Pistol Magazines, Radio

Vest colors:

Colors: black, navy blue, olive green, tan
Additional colors are available upon request.

Vest Details:

mesh-liningVest Lining The inside of the vest is lined with a non distorting nylon Leno mesh that increases breathability, reduces condensation build up, and allows the armor to air out.

armor-insertionBody Armor Insertion Front and back armor panels are inserted from inside the vest. Velcro hook at the top of the armor attaches to corresponding loop in the carrier so the armor is supported and hangs evenly.

belly-strapWaist Strap The elastic waist strap stabilizes the vest and secures the back panel to your torso.


Side Closure The front of the vest wraps around the sides of your body and attaches to the back of the vest with hook and loop Velcro, allowing the vest to adjust for seasonal clothing considerations.

fight-strap-closed Fight Strap An adjustable webbing strap and 1” side release buckles secure the vest closure, preventing the vest from being removed by force.
shoulder-velcro Shoulders The adjustable shoulders of the vest are padded with non deteriorating ¼” closed cell foam for added comfort and to offset fatigue.
shoulder-adjustment Shoulder Adjustment The length of the vest is adjusted with 1½” nylon webbing and secured with a triglide slider. Hook Velcro is sewn to the underside of the front shoulder and attaches to the top of the back shoulder for added stability.