External Armor Carriers

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Cowell Tactical external armor carriers are custom made to your specifications, size, pocket configuration, color, and identification. We work closely with our customers when designing their equipment pockets and layout, making sure vital gear is efficiently organized and easily accessed. Click here to download the external armor carrier design template.

  • Armor Carrier body designed for your fit and comfort
  • Clean, uniform appearance
  • Customized for your equipment and specifications
  • Manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials

The external armor carrier body is constructed from 1000 denier Cordura nylon. This durable fabric resists tears, scuffs, and abrasions, and is easy to clean and care for. The vests body is lined with breathable anti-microbial spacer mesh which allows the armor panels to air out between shifts.

The external armor carrier includes an inside sleeve that will accommodate rifle and trauma plates in the front and back of the vest. The padded shoulders and Velcroed side closure are adjustable, and our buckled fight strap provides added security while wearing the carrier.

How To Measure & Trace Your Ballistic Panels Tutorial Video

Ordering Information

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Ordering Overview
  1. Orders are initiated by:
    • Emailing us your completed design template. (Templates)
    • Mailing tracings of your ballistic armor panels. (See below for sizing instructions)
  1. Response:
    • Design will be reviewed, and we will email confirmation of receipt of order.
    • We will email a quote based on your design.
  1. Production and delivery:
    • We are approximately 16 weeks out on delivery of external carriers. For 15 or more vests there may be a longer delivery time frame.
    • When your carrier goes into production we will contact you to finalize design and order details.
    • Your carrier should ship within 2 weeks once production is started.
    • You will receive a UPS tracking number when your order ships.
  1. Payment:
    • We accept personal checks, credit cards, and PayPal.
    • Departments will be invoiced with 30 day terms when their order ships.


Vest Features
This pricing is to assist you with calculating the cost of your custom carrier. Vest prices are without pockets. We will email an exact quote upon request or with the placement of your order. We give special pricing for MOLLE pockets when ordering them with your carrier. The prices listed below reflect that discount.


External Carrier Pricing
Carrier with sewn on pockets start@ 407.50
Carrier with full MOLLE front start@ 422.50
Carrier with MOLLE below chest pockets start@ 422.50
Pockets Sewn MOLLE
Small Utility 21.50 29.50
Large Utility 21.50 29.50
Pistol magazine with flap, double 43.00 54.00
Pistol magazine with flap, single 21.50 27.00
Pistol magazine open top, double 51.00 62.00
Pistol magazine open top, single 25.50 31.00
Radio 21.50 30.50
Handcuff, single or double 21.50 29.50
Pepper Spray 21.50 27.00
Flashlight 21.50 27.00
Baton 21.50 27.00
Taser 21.50 37.50
Tourniquet 21.50 27.00
Folding Knife 21.50 27.00
Gloves 21.50 29.50
Rifle magazine, 20 or 30 round 21.50 30.50
Map Pocket 17.50 N/A
Silent Key 21.50 N/A
Rear ID 4×11″ 12.50
Front ID 2×5″ 9.50
Name Tape 1×5″ 7.50
American Flag 3.50
Other Options
Gumdrop Buttons 14.00
Drag Strap 12.50
Sizing Instructions
Using a cloth measuring tape, we need the following:

Chest without armor – measure at the widest part of your chest.
Stomach without armor – about an inch above your navel, this measurement is for the Velcro strap that secures the back of the vest to your body.

Chest with armor – measure at the widest part of your chest while wearing your armor.
Stomach with armor – measure around the bottom of your armor while wearing your armor.

These measurements will allow us to see how much the armor adds to your body measurements, how your armor fits, and how to correctly size your vest.

Trace the outline of front and back armor panels. Remove armor from its external or concealable carrier and trace just the ballistic portion of the panel on a large piece of paper. Specify front and back along with the officer’s name and department.

Mail tracing to:
Cowell Tactical
PO Box 899
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

Cleaning Instructions
Your vest is constructed primarily from nylon fabric and webbing. Proper care when cleaning and washing it will extend the life of the vest. Before washing, close all Velcro flaps (including the belly strap and shoulder Velcro) so there is no hook Velcro exposed while washing and rinsing. This keeps the hook Velcro clean from dirt and lint, and avoids unnecessary abrasion of the hook Velcro against the interior spacer mesh and vest binding.

Two pieces of loop Velcro are included with your vest to cover both pieces of side-closure hook Velcro during washing and rinsing. Hand wash your vest, or machine wash it on a gentle cycle, using cold water and a mild detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach. Do not iron your vest or dry it in a dryer; either of these actions could cause the fabric and webbing of your vest to shrink. Instead, it should hang or lay flat to dry.While drying, open the pocket flaps to straighten and stretch them. Square up the pocket fronts and corners. Ideally, the fabric should dry smooth and flat. When a thorough washing is not required, an air compressor works well for removing dust or dried mud. Feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns regarding the care of your vest.

External Carrier Inquiry Form

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6 reviews for External Armor Carriers

  1. Zach Yeaman-Sanchez

    I purchased my External Armor Carrier approximately two years ago. Our department was very specific in what the vest needed to look like. Cowell worked with us to develop a vest which met the specifications required for our department.

    The vest is outstanding. Tough, incredibly well made, and easily cleaned. I am constantly getting asked by officers from other agencies where I purchased my vest, as it looks so clean.

    Cowell also worked with us to develop a form so officers can order their carrier, while keeping a uniform look across the department. This helps our agency keep a uniform appearance while bridging from traditional class-b uniforms to a modern policing uniform.

    Our department chose to use molle on the front. The pouches we purchased are still in great shape, and the velcro is functioning great. The molle still holds the pouches tight to the vest.

    The fit was perfect out of the box. The vest is comfortable, while still being durable.

    My experience ordering with Cowell was great. They are quick to respond to inquiries, and work to come up with solutions.

    I cannot recommend Cowell enough. These are truly top tier vests.

  2. Nick-WI LEO

    I purchased my vest 7 or 8 years ago and still wear it today. My vest has been through just about everything from chest high swamps to thick wooded terrain and remains just as solid as the day I received it.

    The craftsmanship is superior and built to last. I’ve sent it back for some changes I wanted and they had it back to me in very little time. The custom options make it simple to suit whatever gear needs you have.

    The vest themselves are very professional in appearance compared to some others on the market. Aside from their look, the functionality can’t be beat. Taking the strain off your back and hips is crucial as every LEO knows.

    Matt and the crew at Cowell Tactical provide outstanding customer service and a product I will continue to use for the rest of my career.

  3. Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office, MI

    Our deputies love these vests. The vest is outstanding. Tough, incredibly well made, and easily cleaned.

  4. Shawn Cowans


  5. Kevin- MN Law Enforcement

    I’ve been wearing Cowell Vest for almost four years now and it still looks new. Working in Minnesota with the heat in summer and cold in winter, the vest has held up, even while working in hazardous conditions, including the train and having a K9. The color and overall durability looks better than other officers with the outer carries from other manufactures; their vests are falling apart and look bad.

    I recently sent my vest in for modifications and while it was there, I asked them to take a look at anything that needed TLC, well they swapped out all of my attachments. They did the right thing without hesitation.

    Matt and crew, have been very easy to work with and any idea I’ve had, they taken suggestions and made it work, this also helps them better their vest and happiness of officers, as we carrying more tools than ever. For example, I asked Matt if it was possible to add a row of buttons to appear more of a uniform shirt, his answer was absolutely.

    I wish my department and others would spend the time and money to make sure not only the vest officers are wearing are functional but also look professional.

  6. Clark

    I am continually impressed with the way Cowell Tactical operates. Getting a real person on the phone who is willing to work through specific vest customization is refreshing. The turn-around time for the modifications was impressive as well. The quality of your vests is unmatched. When I see other agency’s carriers they are often stretched out, faded, torn, and saggy. Wardens put our equipment through extreme conditions and terrain daily. My vest carrier is now 5 years old, and has held up in every type of environment without getting damaged or showing signs of wear. Thank you for providing a quality product and for the continued outstanding customer service you deliver.

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