Load Bearing Vests

Our Armor Carriers are custom designed to fit you and your body armor and also accommodate strike plates and additional armor panels. These carriers offer a clean and uniform appearance, allowing equipment to be efficiently organized and easily accessed.

The Cordura nylon vest body features lightly padded adjustable shoulders and an antimicrobial 3D spacer mesh lining to allow the armor to air out between shifts. Carriers have an inside sleeve that will accommodate the standard sized trauma plates in the front and back of the vest. The side closure is adjustable, and our buckled fight strap provides added security.

Each vest is custom made to your specifications, size, pocket configuration, color, and identification. Click here to download the design template.

External Carrier Standard Features and Options

Standard Features

Mic and Camera Tabs
Identification Options
Pistol Mags
Chest Pockets
Pocket Closure

Important Ordering Information

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Ordering Overview
What to expect when you’re expecting an external carrier.

1. Orders for external armor carriers are initiated by:

  • Submitting a completed design template (link to video and addition explanation with photos)
  • Mail tracings of external armor carrier (link to video and addition explanation with photos)

2. Response:

  • You will receive an emailed response within 24 hours of receipt of design template and armor tracings
  • We are currently approximately 16 weeks out on delivery of external carriers. For 15 or more vests there may be a longer delivery timeframe.
  • We will review the design and order details and follow up with any questions
  • We will email a quote based on the design
  • Once the quote is accepted, we will send an invoice for the deposit. Deposit is 100% refundable if order is cancelled. Deposits are not required for department purchases.

3. Production and delivery:

  • Once your carrier is being prepped for production, we will contact you to finalize the design and order details.
  • You will pay the balance of your carrier at this time (personal purchases only)
  • Your carrier should ship within a week once production is started.
  • You will receive a UPS tracking number when the order ships

4. Payment terms, personal purchases:

  • Balance of carrier is paid when order goes into production
  • Contact us if you would like to split the balance into two payments
  • We accept personal checks, credit cards, paypal, and apple pay

5. Payment terms, department purchases:

  • Departments will be invoiced when the order ships with 30-day terms
  • We can also pre-invoice, or work with an agency if the department is working with budget constraints
Vest Options
Standard features

  • Mic tabs
  • Badge attachment
  • Velcro or tab for name tape
  • Inner trauma/rifle plate sleeve
  • Fight strap
  • Cumber bun
  • Mesh vest lining
  • Cordura pocket and body fabric
  • Rear identification
  • Front identification
  • Name tape
  • Name tab
  • Badge Velcro, badge tab, badge combo
  • American flags

Chest pockets (show the space behind pockets, pen holders, etc.)

  • Flat pocket
  • Standard chest utility
  • Chest utility plus

Pocket closure

  • Velcro
  • Snaps
  • Snaps and Velcro

Pistol mag options

  • Open top
  • Flaps
External Carrier Pricing
Carrier w/ stitched pockets367.5
Carrier w/ MOLLE front384.5
Carrier w/ MOLLE below chest pockets384.5
Flashlight Large19.519.5
Flashlight Small19.519.5
Folding Knife19.519.5
Magazine-Pistol w/ flap, double3939
Magazine-Pistol w/ flap, single19.519.5
Magazine-Pistol w/ open top, double4444
Magazine-Pistol w/ open top, single2222
Magazine-Rifle w/ flap, double19.519.5
Magazine-Rifle w/ flap, single19.519.5
Map Pocket19.519.5
OC Mk319.519.5
OC Mk419.519.5
Silent Key19.519.5
Utility 5.519.519.5
Utility Flat19.519.5
Utility Plus19.519.5
Utility, large19.519.5
Sizing Instructions
Using a cloth measuring tape, we need the following:

Chest without armor – measure at the widest part of your chest.
Stomach without armor – about an inch above your navel, this measurement is
for the Velcro strap that secures the back of the vest to your body.

Chest with armor – measure at the widest part of your chest while wearing
your armor.
Stomach with armor – measure around the bottom of your armor while wearing
your armor.

These measurements will allow us to see how much the armor adds to your body
measurements, how your armor fits, and how to correctly size your vest.

Trace the outline of front and back armor panels. Remove armor from its
external or concealable carrier and trace just the ballistic portion of the
panel on a large piece of paper. Specify front and back along with the
officer’s name and department.

Mail tracing to:
Cowell Tactical
PO Box 899
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

Your vest is constructed primarily from nylon fabric and webbing. Proper care when cleaning and washing it will extend the life of the vest. Before washing, close all Velcro flaps (including the belly strap and shoulder Velcro) so there is no hook Velcro exposed while washing and rinsing. This keeps the hook Velcro clean from dirt and lint, and avoids unnecessary abrasion of the hook Velcro against the interior spacer mesh and vest binding.

Two pieces of loop Velcro are included with your vest to cover both pieces of side-closure hook Velcro during washing and rinsing. Hand wash your vest, or machine wash it on a gentle cycle, using cold water and a mild detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach. Do not iron your vest or dry it in a dryer; either of these actions could cause the fabric and webbing of your vest to shrink. Instead, it should hang or lay flat to dry.

While drying, open the pocket flaps to straighten and stretch them. Square up the pocket fronts and corners. Ideally, the fabric should dry smooth and flat. When a thorough washing is not required, an air compressor works well for removing dust or dried mud. Feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns regarding the care of your vest.

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