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Lasts a Life Time

Lasts a Life Time Earlier this year while I was in northern California I met with Scott Goin, an officer with Nevada City PD. He has been using one of our vests that was made for the PD in the early ‘90s. He wanted to get fitted

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Duty Belt vs. Patrol Vest

Duty Belt vs. Patrol Vest Here, Dr. Ian Rassel of Rassel Chiropractic in Escondido, California demonstrates the long-term negative effects to the spine and back from carrying the weight of your gear on your duty belt.    

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Armor Carrier Evaluation

Armor Carrier Evaluation We received this product evaluation from a department in Texas that is in the early stages of testing our carrier for patrol use. They went with the same pocket configuration as the sheriff vest on our website. Matt, It was a bit of an

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Gumdrop Buttons

External Armor Carrier, Uniform Shirt Style Since we started making armor carriers this past year we have been getting regular requests for a carrier that more closely resembles a uniform shirt. As more departments transition from duty belts to load bearing vests we have endeavored to balance

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