In 2013, we started making tactical vests for a department in Wisconsin. In 2017, one of their deputies placed an order with us, and in 2019, reached out to share a product he had designed to secure his mic to his Cowell Tactical Armor Carrier.

In the late 1970’s, our family business started as an answer to law enforcement friends that we knew who were looking for gear to make their job better. We are proud to join with Sheepdog Lifeline LLC, another American family owned business offering solutions and a product to make your job better.

Sheepdog Life Line LLC is a law-enforcement-family-owned business with first responders in mind. The product they designed is a shock cord attachment that secures the mic/body camera to the MOLLE webbing on your carrier, ensuring it will be there when you need it. The product has been tested by officers in the field, and it has been a game changer. During critical times, first responders often rely on their training and react accordingly, but the issue many have run into while moving around, fighting with suspects, etc., is that their mics/body cams detach from the MOLLE webbing. The Sheepdog Life Line attachment solves that problem by ensuring their mic/body cam stays secure.

He explains how to use the product in this tutorial video.

We are proud to partner with Sheepdog Life Line LLC to carry a product we trust. If you have any questions about the product or how it works, you can check out the website, or shoot them a line at [email protected]. You can purchase your Sheepdog Life Line Shock Cord Attachment from our store here.

Sheepdog Life Line Shock Cord Attachment