At Cowell Tactical, our vests and accessories are tested and retested for quality and innovation by our talented and dedicated production team. Each piece is stitched with over 40 years of industry experience and embodies the direct result of feedback from agencies and officers like you.

Public service and law enforcement have been a part of our family’s DNA for four generations and counting. We strive to honor the care and dedication you pour into your work by producing a quality vest that can stand up to the demands of a public safety officer.

We know you value hard work and quality products. Because we’re American-made, we can ensure the gear you receive is the finest on the market. 

When you’re considering an armor carrier or load bearing vest, the last thing you want to do is put your life or comfort in the hands of a stranger. Or be stuck on an endless hold cycle with a rep somewhere on the other side of the world. 

At Cowell Tactical, your phone calls and emails are answered directly by the owners who are committed to excellence in customer service. Every vest customization goes directly to the production team to ensure the perfect fit. We are NOT a one-size-fits-all venture. 

Each vest we send out to the field is meticulously measured and assembled according to your exact specifications. Because we are American-made, you can cut out the middleman.

Skip the cheaply sourced and mass-produced vests you’ll find at the competition. We choose only the toughest and finest quality materials that are ready to withstand the hard work you put in day in and day out. Our team of skilled craftsmen and women know that what you wear on the job could be the difference between going home safe and sound… or not. Every pouch, strap, and stitch is carefully constructed for functionality and durability. 

Because we produce an American-made product, you can be confident in the skill and materials stitched into each element of your vest. 

The same traditional ideals that have made America the robust and prosperous country that it is today are identical to the ideals on which our company was founded over 40 years ago. Integrity, ambition, and service to the greater good, are the driving force for our mission and our work. As we’ve seen substantial changes in law enforcement and other public service fields over the years, our designs and methods have adapted to match your feedback. 

Because we’re American-made, you reap the benefits of responsive innovation in both design and application.

We know it’s important for you to have partners that understand the value of community and shared vision. 

At Cowell Tactical, we believe in building into our local community and our employees in ways that benefit the local economy. The challenges that operating a small business in America presents are microscopic compared to the pride we feel in who we serve. The pride of a job well done and a product well made.  

Because we are American-made, we have the privilege of outfitting public service professionals across the nation with quality gear that works as hard as they do. 

Like our motto says, our commitment to “serve those who protect” remains as true as it did when we crafted our first vest in 1979. This is why American-made matters to us.